Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Took the kids to piano today and saw Pia and Tom's new baby Edwin. He's a beauty. Always really hard for me to be with complete families, makes mine feel even more broken.

Have finally got on the computer (around 5pm) and tried to mess with the Blog, I am clueless! Tried to follow my followers and can't even do that. I will try until I succeed!

Have just watched a bit of QVC, Dawn really didn't seem herself today, very down. I wasn't tempted by anything. I know there is a TSV on Friday, will no doubt watch as I always do. I remember a seasoned crafter telling me that the more you craft and the more you know about craft the less you buy from QVC and I think that it true. I still enjoy watching though. I buy things like glue, double sided sticky and ink pads from them still.

I enjoyed reading the stuff on do crafts about the crafter's companion cds, never got all the juicy gossip so if there is anyone out there who can fill me in ..............

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