Thursday, 9 April 2009

Well, welcome to my blog, I have just got to my computer and had a look at all the crafty things I like to start my day with and I thought why not have a go mysel! I am not sure what this Blog will turn out like. It could be passing on all my crafty news to crafty friends. Or. Just a long moan about my day. Who knows, does anyone care. It might just be a good forum to air my thoughts. I have always liked the sound of my own voice and now I can see it in print too. Hurray.


  1. Hi Ruth, great blog, I have become a follower so I can watch you progress and see your makes, have fun.

  2. We all had to start somewhere with our blogs and you've made a great start on yours. I had to laugh, you've got more followers than me!! Ha Ha!!!
    Love PookspoonsXXXX